How to Get End of Lease Cleaning in Epping?

End of lease cleaning in Epping is one of the most common reasons why rental vacate cleaning companies move away. Most businesses in this area are in the carpet cleaning and professional end of lease cleaning in Epping business, and they cater to all kinds of clients. The problem is that not everyone has the time or the skills needed to keep their carpet clean after an end of lease. Here are some of the top reasons why this business fails:

Lease Cleaning: “A lot of times, a guy with three kids comes in and cleans the entire house, even floors. It’s amazing how fast you can get soiled furniture out of the carpeting. I usually don’t even bother leaving dirty shoes out for pickup. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should call someone to do the carpet cleaning while I’m gone because it’s so hard.” – Anonymous

Lack of Upkeep: “I’ve been told that my rental cleaning services are just too much work for me. I don’t really mind, I just need more time to clean, so I don’t have the time. Most of my cleaners Sydney have other areas in their schedules to fill.”

Not Enough Time: “We were supposed to do three things every week, but two of those days were already booked. I would normally clean outside windows, the upstairs hallway, and outside stairs. These days all I do is clean the outside windows. The amount of time it takes sometimes is ridiculous. My cleaning company doesn’t have extra services because they’re booked solid all the time. I try to help them out, but they only go so far.”

End of Lease Maintenance: “I don’t like the idea of having an end of lease cleaning in Epping to clean the inside of a unit that is in pre-foreclosure. I’m not sure if I want to put my lease in that state in the first place. I also don’t like the idea of having a bond back. Someone has already moved in and has all the rights to the property. When you start doing something on your property, you’re just opening up a whole new set of issues.”

No Vacation Plans: “I only pay my people when they come to work. If they don’t show, there’s no payment.” – Gregory Vittieres, End of Lease Cleaning in Epping. “I think there should be a way for tenants to do their own cleaning for a couple of months while they figure out what to do. I don’t like the idea of bonding services because I don’t trust them. It makes me nervous to know someone is watching my house when I’m not there.”

Lack of Insurance: “I currently do not have renter’s insurance because I have been in business over seven years. Prior to that I was in the mortgage business and my agent did not offer any insurance. I am happy to report that six months ago, we changed agents and got renter’s insurance right away. We still have not used it but the three-month clean up left our windows looking beat up and we haven’t needed renters cleaning services yet.”

Unfortunately, many businesses do not offer clean rental units or cleaning services. They don’t want bad publicity and liability issues so many of them are afraid to give even a simple cleaning service or a simple key to your unit. They might agree to a bond back but that means they will get an extra deposit on top of what they are paying you already. If your business is in good shape and has been doing well then you could use this as leverage to negotiate a lower cleaning fee. You could also negotiate to do all the cleaning yourself instead of using a rental agency, which is your best option if you are still paying rent on time. Call Local Ryde Cleaning for carpet cleaning, rental vacate cleaning, and end of lease cleaning services.